Is Digital Integration necessary for schools?

19 Jan 2021

Is Digital Integration necessary for schools?

Technology Integration is the process where learning is generated through technology or computer-related activities.

We at the Mittal International School have Technology integrated communication and learning as a part of the curriculum. We use our school app, website, you tube channel for online studies in covid-19 pandemic situations.

Online learning can be a lifeline to those who have geographical distances or Physical disabilities

Technology integration is not just about making the students learn about the concepts or computer skills alone. However, it is more about learning and applying technical skills that are inevitable for the current world today.

In today’s time technology drives our lives.

Nowadays our students are able to work and communicate information through technology.

Significance of Technology Integration in Schools

Study in today’s world cannot imagine how life can be without the internet. Now, students are growing in an era where everything is being run by technology, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic, which has made their classroom also online, download and upload work, teaching video On a daily basis, online exams etc. we along with them use technology for our regular tasks such as buying groceries online or scheduling an appointment. without technology we cannot continue to study during covid- 19 pandemic.

Learning together even when we are apart.

it is a necessity to have technology integrated into the education system as well.

Effect of technology integration

Technology integration is a way of making students understand automation of tasks, artificial intelligence, running of businesses online, career opportunities and so much more.

Technology makes teaching more convenient during COVID-19

Through technology integration, teachers can get the students to understand in a better manner. Projectors and computer presentations digital teaching material, videos can be used to teach and deliver lessons offline or online for students at distance. Exams and assignments can be shared through our school mobile app. The teachers follow the progress of the students and help them to improve their performance in weaker areas. Students like to use various technological instruments that are introduced for learning. Their inquisitive mind enjoys exploring, making them all the more interested in learning.

Thanks to technology, students enjoy learning!

Hence, technological integration is a crucial aspect of educational transformation of the curriculum. It is only when the students will become masters of the skills, that they will be able to lead the nation towards growth and new achievements.

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