Spiritual Life

Our On-Campus Temple

MIS is the only school

in kota, rajasthan
to have an On-Campus Temple for Spiritual Growth of Children.

MIS temple offers a corner of peace and spiritual awakening for students and encourages a unison of all religions.


Spiritual Awakening – Temple At MIS

  • To inculcate spiritual values and positive thinking in MIS we teach our students values of life.
  • We narrate them with interesting stories of influencers and regularly conduct session of meditation and chanting.
  • With our on-campus Temple, students get to connect with their spiritual self regularly.
  • In MIS we provide experiences of awe through art and culture, music, nature or studying great people.
  • We teach pro-social skills such as gratitude, compassion, empathy to the positive relationships, spiritual study teaches student to make optimal use of mind.
  • With this, concentration clarity and the ability to make positive choices increases.
  • Spiritual Learning is just as important as Academic Learning and MIS concentrates on both of them.

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