Security Overview

Regular Inspections

The safety and security of students at MIS has always been an inseparable element in the framework of Mittal International School. We understand how precious your children are to you and we protect and safeguard them on campus at all costs.

The school building is world-class and properly maintained where we have regular inspections from the infrastructure team to ensure that any underlying damage is addressed and repaired immediately.

For proper safety and security at MIS, we have:

RFID – Radio Frequency Identification

Walking in the footsteps of Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s Digital India Initiative, MIS introduced the cutting-edge RFID technology for student safety that informs parents about their ward reaching and leaving from school.

Mittal International School values the concerns of parents and makes the campus a safer place for children.

Hi-Tech ID Card

Mittal International School has also introduced chip-enabled RFID cards attached to the student’s ID card.

How it Works: When the ID is kept on the sensor, at the entrance and exit points, it immediately sends a text message to parents informing the parents about their wards’ information about entering or dispersal from the school.


CCTV Surveillance Across Campus

For the maximum security of students, the entire MIS campus has been enabled with a CCTV network. These cover:

  • All the classrooms
  • The corridors
  • Entry and exit points
  • Entrances to washrooms
  • Any indiscipline area
  • Meeting halls

The upcoming campus structure like auditoriums and labs will also have CCTV surveillance.

MIS is one of the top hi-tech smart campus schools with proper safety and security facilities in Kota.


MIS has advanced security facilities and devices installed across the campus for maximum security of students.

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