One Community

We Are One

MIS Community:

  • who-icon01All Races
  • who-icon02All Genders
  • who-icon03All Backgrounds
  • who-icon04All Intellects
  • who-icon05All Statuses
  • who-icon06All Values

For community building, we have two distinct clubs for students to develop positive attributes towards existing in a community:

Interact Club

Students of all races, gender, background and beliefs learn to interact, initiate conversations, and build new friendships here.


Eco Club

The idea of the Eco Club is to empower students to participate and take up meaningful environmental activities and projects for student enrichment.

Club sessions are headed by teachers and club members where the community is strengthened by regular interactions and activities. Students grow academically, emotionally, and spiritually at MIS.


Mittalites learn to form a community brimming with diversity made out from a single thread of kinship.

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