Teachers Training Program

Progress lies not in enhancing what is but in advancing towards what will be.

Teachers Training program is a continuous process with an aim to build competent teachers, well-versed with latest technological advancements.


Regular Workshops and Training Programs for teachers to innovate learning for Students.

Classroom learning is made interesting by learned and experienced teachers. MIS conduct workshops and orientation programs based on the classroom management skills and seminar on the attitudes as well as values to adeptly equip them with latest tools and techniques.

  • Webinar by Macmillan books.
  • English language teaching workshop conducted by Blue print education.
  • Next education organized a workshop with the theme ‘learning environment that support children growth and development’.
  • IKEN Scientific workshop on ‘modal making and conducted and MCQ exam’.
  • ‘Multiple Intelligence and Multi Natures’ by Mr. Steven Rudolph an American educator and international speaker.
  • Ms. Seema Jerath, Principal, DLF Public School and ELT trainer was the resource person for the ‘Add fun to language learning’.
  • Hindi workshop was attended by Hindi teachers to enhance reading and writing skills in Hindi subject.
  • Art workshop was organized the topic being ‘Rock painting at Chhatarpur’ by Government Maharaja P.G College.
  • Workshop on’ Leadership for school excellence’ was Organized by Ratan Sagar Private Ltd.
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