Mission & Core values

Our Vision

MIS has a vision that we must build physically and emotionally competent individuals who never feel defeated by their circumstances or losses but resolve to rise and restore. Our belief is to ingrain character integrity with compassion for society and the environment.

MIS Vision is committed to provide an exemplary educational experience with an international perspective.

Our Mission

With a purpose of giving back to the society, MIS is working steadily.

  • Mittal International School is an inspiration from Dulichand Mittal Charitable Trust, an organization with the chief purpose of imparting excellence in school education.
  • To bring forward a blend of the best Indian cultures with the latest and internationally accepted practices.
  • To cultivate and garner our students to become universally responsible citizens.
  • To broaden the horizons of learning and build leaders who are amply supplied with scholastic and co-scholastic skills with an impeccable hold on modern technologies.

Our Philosophy

Education Beyond Academics

We are firm on our belief in exposing a child to a multitude of experiences, as apposed to restricting them to book learning. MIS in not just an academic institution where excellence based on grades is everything, but here, we focus on complete development of their personalities.

We prepare our students to excel socially, emotionally, and professionally.

Our Core Values



Building a foundation of knowledge and skills. Allowing the development of intellect and having an acceptance of ideas.



Demonstrating internal strength to act, lead, and persevere in the face of difficulty.



A consistent and uncompromising adherence in words and actions to principles of truth, honesty, and sincerity.



Acting with Fairness, courtesy, timeliness, and sensibility towards fellow individuals and community.



Being accountable for own behavior and acting in accordance with it while welcoming an ethical standard in thought process, decision making, and behavior.



Compassion and empathy for fellow individuals.

While we diversify their skills, we make sure that they remain rooted in their values and embed their tradition in their construct.

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