How a school wellness program helps to enhance the personality of a student?

19 Jan 2021

How a school wellness program helps to enhance the personality of a student?


1. Reduce stress

Wellness programs can help to reduce stress among students. An analysis says that there has been observed 28% reduction in stress levels, a 20% improvement in sleep quality, and a 19% reduction in pain as a result of health wellness programs. It has been observed that stress can lead to lower productivity, reduced morale, and even absenteeism. As well as reducing stress, mindfulness has been shown to improve memory and focus, reduce emotional reactivity, improve cognitive flexibility, and enhance self-insight.

2. Greater productivity

The education Programme demonstrates that wellness programs have the potential to “reduce absenteeism, improve productivity and boost work satisfaction.” It has also been noted that a healthy atmosphere reduces sickness and increases their performance. Schools that encourage a ‘wellness culture’ are showing that they care about their students – and can expect a payoff in terms of morale, motivation, and productivity.

3. Increased morale

Wellness programs demonstrate goodwill from the school towards the students and therefore tend to have a positive effect on students’ morale. Schools/Institutions are also increasingly offering rewards and certificates for participation in wellness activities.

4. Improved relationships

It has been analyzed that the effect of workplace wellness reduces instances of bullying in the school. The findings revealed that students saw wellness as a “formidable component of the health and success of students” and that they perceived “bullying in the school as a serious threat to physical and mental wellness. “By aiding students to reduce stress, fatigue, anxiety, and other conditions that lead to conflict and bullying in workplaces, wellness programs improve relationships among students by minimizing conditions that lead to bullying. Ultimately, it helps to create mutual understanding among students.

So, it is concluded that the wellness program in the school surely helps to enhance the personality of a student by benefitting from the above advantages.

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